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Another epic winter of slashing powder, over the top hillclimbs, free falls, endless backcountry hits, whips and ripping throttle. Frontier films spends their thirteenth winter storm chasing the mountainous big foot country in search of the perfect sledding terrain. From the Rockies to the outreaches of the Yukon territories and up north to the famed Alaska. All along the way scanning for big foot. It s a crazy drive to document these famous athletes who live in the land of Sasquatch. On the cover kyle armbrust is back after 3 years of knee rehab. He is on mission to ride. Bigfoot spotted. Other ripping riders include, Ross Mercer, Randy Sherman, Dan Phillips, Geoff Kyle, Dan Treadway, the Cormier brothers, Ryan Britt, Ryan Phillips, Rob Alford, Cory Davis and Paul Thacker. Plus the Roops of Hazard crew and the Summit Savage canadians! Oh yeah and Ashley Chaffin shows the boys a thing or two. Look for a few other well known sled film stars. All shot in HD and edited to some fine tunes. Fun for the entire family! +/- 60 Minutes of content.

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DESCRIPTION: DVD - 2 Stroke Cold Smoke Frontier the 13th 16757 р.