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The first 10 years of Thunderstruck Films has taken a large group of crazy friends and put their snowmobiling antics in front of tens of thousands of people the world over. From Trennis Baer s avalanche burial in TS1 to Lyle Sinden s cliff fall in TS5 to Dan Davidoff s Ladybird ascent in TS6, this collection of the best moments we ve put on film congeals into, bar none, the best sledding movie you will ever see. Picture the best of Brad Story, Dan Davidoff, Trennis Baer, Randy Swenson, Shawn Hastings and all the Thunderstruck riders in one collection! In a fun and fast-paced format, TSBO also highlights some top-ten lists... Countdown s of the top 10 crashes, etc., all put to video and with the natural sounds of the sleds backed by all the music you love from our first 10 films. This must-have movie will shake you down to your sledding core as you yearn to get on the snow and live out your own powder-filled fantasies!

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